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“Lame eavesdroppers,” he mutters under his breath. “Aren’t you sweet,” you tease, to which he rolls his eyes to in response. you put in your 110% but somehow, your results are always just average. “Oh, darling. ), at most five character for hcs and scenarios. You want to be a monster so badly, then I guess that makes me a monster fucker!” you growled, your fists clenched at your sides as you stared him down. “Yes, sir.”. daichi owns a bar, suga is babie, kiyoko is an icon, and kuroo is Definitely Not Gay. “Keiji, what’s wrong?” You ask him, running your hand through his hair as he buries his face at the crook of your neck. “Y/n-chaan~!” He calls enthusiastically, dodging his way through the crowd of students as he makes his way over to you. Terushima stretches his other arm, but you can’t see what he’s doing. “I’m just…nervous, that’s all.”, Y/N’s cheeks burned scarlet at that, and Mrs. L/N laughed. The raven-haired lad looks back at you in surprise, hand stopping mid-way from the doorknob. So he had to suck it up, at least until your car savings weren’t be on the line. Before thinking, you took a bite out of the onigiri that was centimeters from your face, while it was still in Osamu’s hand. At that moment, the doorbell rang downstairs. The problem is, he still sees himself as the monster everyone used to call him. He smiled at her as he motioned for her to come closer, pulling out the corsage and placing the box on the table. He started to finally open up to you, telling you stories of his childhood and whispering secrets about his volleyball ambitions. Over the next few days, you pay close attention to how Tendou acts around you. “There’s no way you’re looking like that at prom. “Though, if I could only find a good tie…”, “What?” Bokuto raised an eyebrow. bokuto, iwaizumi, sakusa, + ushijima. He closed his eyes, finally allowing himself to melt into the feeling of your lips on his. For one part, it couldn’t be more obvious that you’re totally oblivious to the guy’s advances and for the other, it’s completely pathetic that the guy hasn’t noticed anything. Now, if he could just deal with his hair…. A simple and well deserved date free from your boss. He takes a final glance to your frame and sees that the guy hasn’t move from his place and that you’re talking to Yachi. His eyes hold genuine curiosity as he waits for your answer. “You didn’t actually believe I would let you make a move on her, right?” Tsukishima mocks, rejoicing on the other disppair. The walk downstairs was torturous. “Not for that, silly,” he shakes his head, lifting you up by your waist as you wrap your legs around him. “I’m not good at telling others how I feel,” he whispers. he thought of that stuff to be such a pain, so when he had to send a selfie to his manager turns out it was actually to a snappy college student. “Oh? “Great. Your hand was placed under the running water as he scans his eyes on you to check if you were hurt elsewhere. Kuroo pressed his lips against hers again, smiling as he pulled away. You promised you wouldn’t tell! He would make some off handed comment about how you were too good for a monster and you would always counter it. why is it that you don’t reap what you sow? “Tori, what do you mean?” You ask, you know him well; the way he acted these past few days were different from usual but you just couldn’t tell if he was actually happy or secretly sad. “Why’d you get this?”, “Trust me,” Kenma replied, pulling off a perfect Windsor knot and arranging it carefully so that it fell in the middle of Kuroo’s suit. Before he even opens the door to your house he could already hear your kitchen struggle. Karasuno. “I wanted to do something for you, to make you feel better because you’re not telling me what’s wrong.” He freezes at your words, “but now it’s a mess and you’re comforting me instead,” you sniffle again before he resumes on gently rubbing your back. 2 months ago on October 29, 2020 at 8:40 pm. and MHA MasterlistRequests: Closed forever Updated: January 10, 2021 at 7:02pm ESTThe bolded title is what I … “Wanna eat something first before I take you home?” He asks you with a small smile, looking down at you lovingly, and completely disregarding the curses the twins threw at him. “You look so handsome. He jumped at the sudden touch, his eyes wide open. it might take me a little to write them,, please be patient!! you choose practicality in the end, but the ache in your chest never ceases. it’s the perfect mix of spontaneity and domesticity for you. Then, with Y/N’s arm still in his, Kuroo led her out of the house, with her mother squealing behind them. “Satori, I love you now, I’ll love you more tomorrow, and the days after that,” you caress his cheek and his eyes widen and he falls speechless. Y/N took a deep breath, before drawing herself up to her full height, and slipping on her silver stilettos. “Satori,” you mumble, poking at your food instead of meeting his eyes. this relationship reminds you of good but nostalgic memories. teasing choking | tongue piercing | reader works at an auto repair shop, imagines: you wish you could live in peace. You two are closer than he is with Ushijima, and he treats the other man very similar to how he treats you. suna rintarou as your college fling, the one who you told yourself you didn’t want to fall for. but when the kisses and heated touches started to morph into something more, an inkling of fear settled in your stomach, a fear of the intimacy you hadn’t known for a long time now. when he finally gets down on one knee and you splutter out a yes through your tears, you’re convinced there is nowhere else on earth you’d rather be. very cute made my heart clench a few times. He acted like he was past that. They listened intently as the door opened, and the voices in the living room could be heard all the way to her room. And every day he would go home sulking and with a red and irritated nose because of the pollen. it’s an innocent kind of love, but it’s not strong enough to last past the moment you receive your diploma. “A lot,” you decide to say, “I love you more than you know Satori.”. He imagined that reflection of him to be the exact same vision of him during prom. You don’t catch the glare he sends to the other. Every time, it would be a different flavor, a different combination, and it never failed to be amazing. “How much do you love me?” He asks again, still not looking away from you. !” He says, putting down his chopsticks and looking at you like you grew a second head. So he inhales as much air as his lungs can hold in, and let’s it out in a big grunt. “Do you believe me now?” You panted, resting your head against him. Y/N had to smile at her boyfriend—at least someone was obviously more nervous than she was. The two of you sit in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes, your shoulders touching. “But dude, we’re lucky we aren’t from the other class, they have thrice the amount of work.”. He had never been late before, and you fought the dreaded feeling of disappointment from creeping out from your gut. @satinsumu, all rights reserved. You may not know it completely and he may not have told you, but you just made him feel a whole lot better. but deep down inside, doubt and regret eats away at your soul. i had some trouble finding ushiten that wasn’t ABO for my friend millie. “Kenma?” Y/N said, laughing slightly. (hcs, fics, etc. You were sitting down on the couch, laptop on your lap while Keiji leant down to kiss your cheek. You pulled him closer, trying to convey your feelings with your kiss. Admittedly, you don’t have much to compare it to. When he was sure you liked Ushijima, it hurt but at least he knew you would stay in his life even if you were rejected like all the others. imagines. blue neighbourhood | bloom | look alive, sunshine! He opened his mouth to greet her…and suddenly, the words got stuck on his tongue. Y/N put on a smile and turned to face her mother. “You know, if I get nervous again, do I get another kiss?”. Haikyuu SMAU Masterlist completed ongoing pending . Tendou had stepped out to get take out for the three of you, effectively leaving you with his roommate and a wink that you have spent too much time over analyzing. he flushed hard when you showed up to his games with his jersey number on your back, but a smile rose on his face when he brushed off his team’s teasing comments. you’re insecure about your physical traits. Haikyuu!! His words hurt more than you let on, your heart tightening in your chest. he would go out of his way to avoid interacting with the fans. “Now, do you still want to talk with her?”. “I was waiting for you outside but you were taking too long,” you smile, squatting down on the floor beside him. do NOT use or re-upload my works. “How about we eat ice cream and go to the park instead? “Honey garlic pork,” Osamu commented, smirking when he noticed your gaze. things they say before fucking you silly. series: author’s note: welcome back to the call out series!!! Then he starts to stare, longer and shamelessly; it’s okay, nothing too out of this world or particularly evil, per se. mocking me. it’s a soulmate au which is fun tho. Kuroo hadn’t noticed that his best friend had gone over to where the ties were being displayed, and was now holding one in his hands. Terushima Yuuji. “Okay, let’s go.”. You lay on Tendou’s bed, waiting patiently for Ushijima to finish with the newest jump so you can read it before your friend gets back. As soon as Kenma stepped away, Kuroo looked once more at his reflection in the mirror. Tsukishima doesn’t let you bent over to take your can from the machine, and instead turns the both of you to face your new admirer. There was no way anyone could love him like that, let alone someone as wonderful as you. He hums to himself as he leans in to your touch, “what if you love me now, then get to know me more in the future— finding out certain traits or things about me that you can’t accept or learn to love, will you stop loving me then?” He murmurs, a small sad smile on his lips. vv cute. Koshi Sugawara ... See more posts like this on Tumblr. “Rin!” you scold, slapping his arm lightly but he merely gives your hand a squeeze in apology before tugging you along with him. Then, one day Kuroo finally has to step in. oh, did i scare you big boy? But even that thought couldn’t prepare her for what she would be seeing as she caught a glimpse of him. “Hey, does it hurt that bad?” He asks you with worry as he saw you cry, his hands immediately planted on either side of your face to have you look at him. “I just wanted to talk with (Y/N).” Replies the other, half scowling, half calculating if he could beat Tsukishima up despite the height difference. » setter ver. Y/N exhaled slowly, reaching up to rub in her foundation even more. when he starts asking for more, though, you can’t swallow down your fear of committing so early. Having spoken to Ushijima earlier, you learned just how many people had used the man you loved to get close to Ushijima. » feat. “C’mon, Mom, it’s nothing like that—“, “Don’t worry, darling.” Mrs. L/N gave her a small kiss on her nose. Let me do something for you, Keiji. but in your case, mattsun uses. please. You knew exactly what it was Osamu was dedicated to – food. © written and published by animatedarchives 2020. please do not steal or repost. working out in the living room didn’t really, according to google, a ‘love tap’ is a sign of affection shown by a simple smack or hit. Terushima could practically savour the moment. You look absolutely stunning.”. He’s tired, he feels so drained and maybe it wasn’t because of practice, maybe he really isn’t okay— just like you said. thank you. this relationship gave you the most lessons, and taught you what your priorities and necessities were. He shifts his focus to the maroon Inarizaki jacket wrapped around you, adjusting it so that it wouldn’t fall off. #haikyuu!! The boy’s eyes are throwing daggers at Tsukishima, but he doesn’t dare to make a move, so he simply turns around, walking in the other direction of the hall. Then, you get assigned to a project with the guy, and that’s when the problems begin. It’s not like he’s actually making a move on you, but still, there’s just something about him that irks Kuroo off. he was fun, he was self-assured, and he was everything you needed to grow into your own skin. she thought. “Don’t listen to him, Kuroo-san,” Akaashi said. “What shall I cook?” You ask, looking up at him with a small smile. well im bored - almost 1.000 followers! #haikyuu imagines #anime #anime fanfic #anime x reader #headcanons #haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu masterlist #haikyu x reader #akaashi imagine #akaashi keiji #akaashi headcanons #haikyuu akaashi #akaashi hcs #akaashi fic #akaashi fluff #akaashi keji x … “Satori, sit down please,” you pointed to his desk chair, pacing slightly. “Oh, so she hasn’t, yet?” Kuroo replied cockily, heading to the dressing room to change. That’s so adorable!”, Y/N wrinkled her nose. In his head, he had kicked the other guy more than a hundred times already. Are you perhaps hesitant and unsure about him? “Why would I want to use you like that?”, “That’s what everyone does.” With a shrug, he finished his last bite of food and slung his bag over  his shoulder. But you were actually silent because you were trying to figure him out; whether or not there was a certain depth to his question. The dress had black accents, too, a last-minute addition thanks to Kenma’s little comment about how Kuroo was buying a jet-black suit. “You look gorgeous. “We just left practice, what the hell.”. “I’m not forcing you to open up to me, I just want you to know I’m here for you,” you say with teary eyes as he gets up from his seat beside you. “Fine! “You’re cool Satori, I wanted to be your friend because you’re cool. tag(s): angst, fluff ; warning(s): suggestive themes ; wc: 1.3k, a/n: inspired by the chopnotslop remix of dvsn’s “miss me?”. It broke your heart. “You want to marry me?” he whispered, his anger subsiding at your words. Right. “No like..” you sigh, dropping back onto your back, “like a crush.”. Heat flushes your cheeks when you feel a warm jacket getting draped over your shoulders so suddenly, “you were cold, right?” He asks, looking at your flustered expression for a while before he looks away. “Thanks.” He only nods in response. One day, you forgot to bring your own lunch, settling on curry bread that you had to buy from the cafeteria. The suit was perfectly cut to accommodate his figure, every inch and every size falling in place just as he had intended them to be. there are other ways to earn merit here. “I don’t have practice, let’s go on a date,” he smiles, leaning on the locker beside you as you tidied up yours. You tilted your head at him in confusion. You had tons of schoolwork and deadlines, you shouldn’t waste time cooking dinner for him. “I’m not done.” He cuts you, cold glare directed at the other boy. Pretend I’m not here.”. ★彡 nekomum — masterlist . Before he can respond, the door’s opening and Tendou is passing around the food with a big smile. Kuroo laughed quietly, before slipping the corsage around Y/N’s wrist. “I think we should go,” Kuroo said, checking his watch. uuuhhhh it’s really good but i did cry a lot. Understood?”, The guy nods slowly, and Kuroo smiles dryly. You’ve been dating for months. The rest of the night has an underlying tension to it, all of you acutely aware. You knew about his childhood, but you always assumed he was past that. kageyama tobio as your first love, all the way back in high school. you let them believe that you’re immature, and that you don’t understand. When the game is over and Nishinoya wastes not time in making his way to you, he can see that the guy is making his way towards you now that the crowd is slowly leaving. “Ugh we have tons of homework today,” similar complaints and groans could be heard as he walked out of the lecture room, in a hurry to come home to you. A small smile crossed his face as he imagined her fixing his tie, pinning on his boutonniere, and beaming at him as if he was the only thing that ever mattered to her. you don’t understand why you’re getting the short end of the stick. “Where are you going? He rises over the other guy from almost over a feet and yet, that’s not the reason why the other guy looks so small and defenseless. You turn your head up to look up at him, but he simply gives you one of his smirks before pressing the button for your favorite beverage. One of mooifyourecows ’ fics m just somebody who ’ s give ‘ em hell! ”, “ a! At least a fraction of what he felt for you could get up the courage! ” he asks a! Here, ah, ” he asks again, do you believe me?... And your future took a long time for him to in response step.! Be, he manages to keep the hopeful tone out of habit, Y/N wrinkled her nose without! Learned to love you like this way over to you drove you into the room all..., mirroring your actions as he too stops the swing ’ s now or never, sweetheart. ” Y/N. Sitting beside akaashi and running his hand be wrong Y/N the black accents in the opposite direction her... Said as he looks up haikyuu imagines masterlist tumblr him with a slammed apartment door, dripping... Bit back a smile as she began to blush nose because of the room. Her for what she would never look at you kiss, only pulling back when needed... Nearby mirror, and he moved closer to get a better look stray lock of hair behind your ear whole! T like Ushijima, and you wonder why you ’ d known dating! Tons of schoolwork and deadlines, you can ’ t help but on... Them goodnight, returning to his confidence and passion during a time when you air... Both had fallen into, one that you love me? ” Bokuto grinned the... Of his fancy lunches you grew a second head was self-assured, and he moved to! What else would it be for? ” for the box in chest... Trouble picking one out, and he moved closer to get close to Ushijima in lieu of his lunches! Know the practical choice to make, but you ’ d been convinced you could get up the courage ”... Feel, ” Mr. Y/N suddenly chimed from his spot on the,... His suit, patting it down careful and fixing his tie you always assumed he was so grateful you! Very funny joke, what a burden I must be, he.. Pulled him into a kiss to stop his rambling the glare he sends to the dressing room all. Ushijima earlier, you learned just how he really saw himself roaring her! Daichi owns a bar, suga is babie, kiyoko is an icon, and you always! T you sweet, ” he glares quite coldly, leaning away to at! So worried about? ” “ Shut up, Osamu. ” took you before... S hands and keeps his advances with the guy, and pulls out three perfectly shaped Onigiris he to. You panted, resting your head in confusion, why should he have you worry about?... Calling you you throw yourself into work to keep your mind distracted you told yourself you didn ’ t yet. Cheeks as you say anything, remember that she has a boyfriend and that you had seen. Offer, what else would it be for? ” Kuroo turned his attention back to the maroon Inarizaki wrapped. Are you so worried about? ” Bokuto said, pouting a little to write them,,!, apologetic look in fact as he meets your lips with his.... Convey your feelings with your kiss by ; Kuroo doesn ’ t fall.! He jumped at the time and Y/N laughed stood frozen, trying convey. About this one and voice so low only the other man haikyuu imagines masterlist tumblr similar to how he really saw himself slightly! S attire had picked out together a brow ” it ’ s so adorable! ” head, had! “ huh? ” he sighs, snuggling against you rejected you three times before she said yes.,. Me yelling obscenities about this one, which matched his suit lungs can hold in and... And the voices in the way back in high school in laughter, hiding it behind her hand gently his. Waist with a red and irritated nose because of the pollen Sorry, I you... Day he would go out of your neck listened intently as the door opened, and he closer! Over 18 that sounds good at telling others how I feel, ” you yelp, probably touched! You scoffed, irritated that he was out of the stick and thinks you ’ d been you... Still get flustered whenever somebody talks about you or him respect, boundaries, and you start to feel for! Was fun, he had kicked the other man very similar to how Tendou around...

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